About Social Fresh Feed

We believe brands that create communities have strong relationships with their stakeholders, create sustainable revenue channels, and produces a higher return on all brand outreach.

Social Fresh Feed fuses all the community building processes together so you can achieve your lead generation goals. 

Our strategy is simple.

This type of marketing, local, targeted, data-driven, multichannel drives a fresh feed of highly convertible local leads. Our process builds momentum and requires less energy over time just like a flywheel. The resulting content campaigns will be where your audience finds you, develops a preference for your product, service, or cause, and converts.

Attract highly convertible traffic to your website or location.

Step 1 Create the right content.

Step 2 Find and develop the right channels for your different audiences and stakeholders.

Step 3. Create the right message for each persona and channel.

Step 4. Launch campaigns using the latest automation methods and then measure and optimize results. 

Social Fresh Feed Services include the strategy and implementation to build and deploy campaigns and the ability to write content that fosters growth and drives preference for your product, service, or cause.

  • Content development to achieve the right local digital distribution and presence
  • Planning and Implementing all awareness, consideration, and conversion tactics
  • Social page creation, posts, and communities management
  • Email Demand Generation 
  • Search – keyword development, targeting for paid and organic
  • Social Media Page Creation
  • Events promotions
  • Website UX Design

Social Fresh Feed Mission 

Creating interactions, for customers, donors, vendors, employees, and beyond that enrich lives, provide stability, and better solutions for everyone. Develop branded communities for a fresh way to generate business.

Call to learn more or submit the form below to find out how to create engaged communities that drive growth  (707)876-3165

  • Demand Generation offer starting January 2021 $150.00 per email promotion includes design and delivery of email promotion. You supply the list and we clean it up! Limited offer. Fill out the form below. Sign up now to save your spot on the calendar for weekly emails.

“Great Content on your website organized well makes it easy to find your site via organic search.”

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