About Social Fresh Feed

So Fresh Feed is Inbound Marketing that creates a sustainable process for obtaining leads.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing attracts engageable potential customers as leads.

It is what attracts your future customers to your business website or location to acquire more information as they research a problem. The process is all about creating highly targeted Content promoted to the audience who need it on their preferred channel.

Marketing distributes the best Content on many different channels, such as your website, YouTube, industry articles sites or forums, email, and social media to name a few. You’re offering the audience what they want when they research a solution to challenges they need to define, to find a preferred solution, and to buy. You need content for all three parts of their journey.

“The Right Content such as product pages, service solutions, blog posts, FAQs, videos, and so much more also creates a higher rank in Google Searches. Have you wondered how to have the right people find you when they search for what you offer? Great Content on your website organized well makes it easy to find your solutions to your audiences’ problems via organic search.”

For Example, providing a solution on your website for your target audience on Social Media creates drives traffic to your site and higher returns on all your marketing and sales investments, and enforces your brand’s expertise and gives you more top rankings in Google.

So Fresh Feed Services include the strategy to build campaigns with Content that fosters social platform growth and preference for your product, service, or cause. 

  • Content Development and Distribution
  • Planning and Implementing all awareness, consideration and conversion tactics
  • Social page creation, posts and communities management
  • Email Demand Generation
  • Search – keyword development, targeting for paid and organic
  • Social Media Page Creation
  • Events promotions
  • Website UX Design

This type of marketing, targeted, data-driven, multichannel drives a fresh feed of highly convertible leads that is sustainable and builds momentum. The resulting content campaigns will be where your audience finds you, develops a preference for your product, service, or cause and requests a meeting.


Develop business strategies, processes, and promotions, enabling company growth through the whole cycle of the business product or service. Create interactions, for vendors, employees, customers, and beyond that make their lives better and provide profits and better solutions for everyone. Develop this community for a fresh way to generate business.

Brands that create communities will have strong relationships with their stakeholders and sustainable revenue for themselves.

Call to learn more or fill out the form below to find out more about how to create engaged communities that drive growth  (707)876-3165

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