B2B Marketing: Content strategy

The Sales team knows that generating leads, qualifying them, managing the relationship, and managing the end-to-end engagement experience is productive but time-consuming. But it’s the only way to prospect. In the right place and with the right strategy, your content pushes a fresh feed of leads to your sales team.

And many sales teams seem to spend a lot of their time finding prospective clients! Each salesperson is researching, posting, and managing their LinkedIn profile, Facebook, Twitter, and others. They’re working events online now, and as you can guess, good content pushes qualified leads their way. Still, if marketing and sales worked together, the content and the processes for distributing it would not fall on sales but marketing, freeing up the sales to close more deals faster.

Right now it’s possible that each member of your sales team creates a community, and sometimes they’re using social platforms. Most of the time, it’s a community of people who know it each other, they rely on your company sales to define, improve, solve and push out a solution, service or product. But that community only lives in their contact list, though. They may even engage marketing sometimes by requesting links to the right content to help attract prospects to the top of the sales funnel. But there is a more efficient way for these communities to grow and with higher return on the investment. It requires a single strategy to help combine both the marketing and sales efforts.

But there is a more efficient way for these communities to grow faster and return on investment. It requires a single strategy to help combine both the marketing and sales efforts.

Social Fresh Feed builds communities that have a preference for a product, brand, or cause. Each community can be a different audience segment, just like your sales team’s efforts can be transformed to social platforms but branded and automated for more effectiveness. 

Moving the process of building an online content strategy for leads is the way to help your sales have a new list of prospects to close all the time or when they need it. Each sales team member can rely on this to provide the right experience for their target audience.

Here is more on why.

Suppose marketing focuses on building content to provide excellent prospects to your sales team. Your team closes more new leads, and the time to close leads is reduced. 

From MarketingSherpa’s by Kayla Cobb, Reporter:

SUMMARY: “Without good content, you don’t get anybody in the hopper,” Matthew Lacroix, Director of Brand Marketing, Newell Rubbermaid (LENOX), said. 

The LENOX team faced a challenge many B2Bs have — too much of Sales’ time was being spent finding and chasing leads. To remedy the situation, the marketing team launched a content-fueled strategy that allowed Marketing to track its content effectiveness. Learn how this effort increased Marketing’s contribution to the sales pipeline and resulted in 50% qualified leads being traced to inbound.

Lennox’s Mathew Lacroix, “You can do as much email blasting as you want or blogging as you want or advertising, but if you don’t have the content to support it, you’re not going to get people consuming it.”

Get the rest of the story here:

Source: B2B Marketing: Content strategy results in 50% of qualified leads being inbound | MarketingSherpa

What process takes your B2B marketing team from running campaigns to transform into content marketing? Creating relevant, targeted content all the time!

And although it’s not an easy transition, the effort pays off with leads that are ready to close. If you do it right, a well-implemented content inbound lead acquisition strategy is a profit maker!

Call or fill out the form for a free hour assessment to see what it will take to get your company ready to provide leads to your sales team!

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