Storytime for Sales

Content should be stories no matter the format. A video, a post, an image should tell a great story that is relevant to your audience and establishes trust.

B2B Marketing: Content strategy

The Sales team knows that generating leads, qualifying them, managing the relationship, and managing the end-to-end engagement experience is productive but time-consuming. But it’s the only way to prospect. In the right place and with the right strategy, your content pushes a fresh feed of leads to your sales team. And many sales teams seemContinue reading “B2B Marketing: Content strategy”

Obviously, this is not another big data blog post!

Okay, it is about data but not how to get it but why you need it. First, some context, I argue that it is more important than anything else to make sure the authenticity of your company comes across to the twenty-somethings.  With that in mind and companies like Burt’s Bees and Levi’s as your guide, readContinue reading “Obviously, this is not another big data blog post!”