Social Fresh Feed Services

Community Development = Lead Generation

Fresh Feed of prospects for your cause or business.

Community Development

New social platform designed, launched, and promoted.

Let’s build audience engagement and lead generation.
  • Social platform research for each audience.
  • Content for the social platform, website, and blogs.
  • Email nurturing campaigns for current customers and prospects.

Social Communities Management

  1. Social Media posts content management.
  2. Comment and IM monitoring and communications.
  3. Generate awareness, acquisition and engagement campaigns.

Sales Funnel Inbound Marketing

  1. Funnel Research, development and testing for each audience segment.
  2. Lead nurturing workflows automation using latest technology.
  3. Organic and Paid Search strategy, implementation, and optimization.

Branded and Curated Content

  1. Craft the story.
  2. Build the strategy and implementation to achieve the plans.
  3. Develop influencers and allied publishers for content distribution for PR.

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